About Us

We are ShopStudio24.
Established 2016 – Nigeria.

shopstudio24.studio24nigeria.com is Africa’s first and leading photography and multimedia products and services platform providing customers with pre-packaged solutions for the event industry.

A fusion of photography, cinematography and high definition digital printing service providers under the umbrella of STUDIO 24 (A Colvi Limited Company with 25 years of operations in photography and multimedia services in Nigeria), shopstudio24.studio24nigeria.com develops and delivers amazing and creative photography packages to cover a wide variety of event needs, thereby simplifying the process of event planning for the consumer.

Developed in 2016, shopstudio24.studio24nigeria.com is created to provide customers with a plethora of quality and best priced photo and digital products, services and trainings options, as well as improve shopping experience and facilitate timely delivery of services which we have made easily accessible via our website and physical locations (Studio 24 Outlets).

Our Mission is to deliver on;

  • Creativity.
  • Best Prices.
  • Convenient Shopping.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Quality & Timely Delivery